Skin care & Waxing

Classic Facial

A classic facial that is customized to your individual skin needs and concerns.  Consists of a cleanse, steam, exfoliation, mask to clarify skin and a mini massage for décolleté and neck. *Extractions available upon request.

30 min-$50

55 min-$75


An innovative approach to remove dead skin cells, allowing a jump start for skin renewal and infusion of nutrients. It is a simple and safe procedure that uses a surgical steel blade for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz)! This treatment results in a more refined, smooth and glowing appearance. 

 30 min $75

 60 min-$100


The HydraFacial uses a new skin exfoliating technology called hydradermabrasion, which blasts the skin with oxygenated and vitamin infused water.  The wand is equipped with suction to also eliminate impurities from the pores.  It improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, clogged and enlarged pores. 

 This service is suitable for all skin types.

30 min $70

60 min $95

Chemical Peel

This treatment includes a Classic European Facial accompanied with a chemical peel. Peels work to remove dead layers of skin with a strong exfoliating agent, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots to promote the growth of fresher, clearer skin. 

30 min-$65

55 min-$90

*Add a Peel to any Facial for $15


A method of skin rejuvenation that uses a natural diamond chipped wand coupled with suction to remove dead skin cells and polish the skin.  Microdermabrasion can be used to decrease the appearance of superficial hyperpigmentation, photo damage, diminish fine lines, wrinkles and shallow acne scarring. Microdermabrasion yields excellent results with minimal downtime.  

30 min-$65

55 min- $90

Add neck & chest on for $20

Blemish Busting Facial

Includes a cleanse, steam, exfoliation and mask geared towards problematic skin. This facial also utilizes High Frequency, a tool that combats and kills the bacteria in breakouts. Extractions performed upon request. 

55 min- $85

Hot Stone Eucalyptus Facial

A classic European facial infused with warm stones and eucalyptus oil. The stones are  placed on key acupressure points for detoxification and to boost circulation. 

55 min-$85


Cool Lift Facial

Try this innovative service that utilizes cool stones to stimulate specific energy centers of the face. You can expect a lasting, lifting effect and a smooth complexion. Enjoy warm towel wraps throughout the session. During the mask, heated stones will warm your arms and hands. 

55 min- $85


Gentleman's Facial

This facial includes a deep cleanse, exfoliating scrub and soothing mask to balance and hydrate the skin, also helping alleviate shaving irritation.  Extractions upon request.

55 min-$75




    Waxing Services


*Lower Legs $45

*Upper Legs $45 (please note that the inner/upper thigh is considered part of the bikini area and will be charged accordingly).

*Lower Or Upper Arm $25, Full Arm $50

*Full Leg $90

*Bikini $40

*French Bikini $50

*Brazilian $75

*Underarm $25

*Lip $12

*Chin $12

*Eyebrows $15

*Full face (brows, lips, chin, and side burn area) $45 and up

*Back $50 

*Chest $45 



 Do's and Don't s of  Brazilian Waxing


-Take 2 Advil an hour and a half before your appointment.

- Please do not schedule your appointment during your menstrual cycle.

-Allow at least ten days of hair growth before getting waxed.  If hair is longer than half an inch, please trim to appropriate length (length of eyelash or a grain of rice). 

-Limit caffeine intake on day of your waxing service.  Caffeine stimulates the nervous system which increases sensitivity.



-Don't touch freshly waxed skin for 24 hours. Hands carry bacteria which may lead to an infected area.

-Don't expose skin to sun or tanning beds for 24 hours.

Don't take a hot bath/shower for the first 24 hours.  A shower with cool water is okay.



**Please note:  We DO NOT perform Brazilian or bikini waxing services on males.