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Permanent Makeup



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Microblading                               $600

Ombre Brow                                $600

Combo Brow                               $600

Full touch-up                               $300


Upper and lower eyeliner                    $500


Upper eyeliner only                               $400


Classic Lower Eyeliner                          $250

  Upper & Lower yearly Touch-up                    $300

Upper eyeliner yearly Touch-up                       $250        

lower eyeliner yearly touchup                           $200




Lip Blushing                                       $550

YearlyTouchup                              $300

**Please note, because of the length of time it takes us to perform permanent makeup services, we do not have any appointment times after 4:30 during the week or after 2:00 on Saturdays. 



The initial service includes a 6 week touchup

Email for spot touch-up pricing 

The touch-up prices are for 1 treatment, and do not include a second treatment.

We do not do a " typical touch-up" on other artists' work, your session will be full price if your permanent makeup wasn't performed by us, unless you have a significant amount of color left and we don't have to do any corrections. Email us for details.


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