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 Infrared Sauna & Red Light Therapy  

Infrared Sauna 

An Infrared Sauna heats the body with radiant heat and profuse sweating begins quickly. The surrounding air in the sauna remains comfortable and warm, resulting in a pleasant experience. Infrared saunas provide all the benefits of natural sunlight without the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.


Single Session $20

Monthly Unlimited Package $25

*Sessions are between 15-45 minutes

*For best results, use at least 2 times per week.



*Weight Control

*Pain Relief

*Improves circulation

*Skin cleansing & rejuvenation


*Conditions associated with adrenal suppression

*Systemic Lupus

*Having a pace maker.

*Multiple Sclerosis

*Recent joint injuries (within 48 hours) or swollen joints of any kind

*Pregnancy or nursing

*Hemophilia or are predisposed to hemorrhage



Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy uses red light wavelengths to strengthen your cells ability to produce energy. Once the light is absorbed, it is used by the cells to produce new proteins such as collagen & elastin, and assists with cellular regeneration.



Single Session $25

Monthly Unlimited Package $50

*All sessions are 20 minutes

*Depending on your therapeutic goal, you should do 3-5 sessions per week to see results. 


*Reduces inflammation & pain

*Stimulates collagen production

*Improves skin health

*Improves circulation

*Reduces recovery time post-workout, injury or surgery

*Stimulates hair growth

*Improves fertility health


*Pregnant women & anyone under the age of 18 must provide written consent from their doctor

*Cannot use if taking any medications that have heat or light sensitive FDA contraindications




For information comparing Infrared to Red Light, please visit

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