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Tarot Readings

By Erica deJong




15 minutes
This reading is short and sweet and can give some insight into a present situation, what lead up to it that contributes, and what may be to come! You'd be amazed what 3 cards can reveal! 




















45 minutes
This reading is 10 cards plus an oracle card. This is a great overall in depth reading that does great as a general outlook or if you are looking for guidance into something in particular. There are a lot of areas this reading can cover and the best reading to start with if you are unsure what you would want a reading on or if you're new to tarot readings.












90 minutes
This is a wonderful service to help jump start healing of stress on our body and mind! This is a Stress Relief reading to get to the root of stress you are experiencing followed by a healing relaxation massage with aromatherapy to soothe your muscles and mind. The massage is one hour of relaxation and the reading takes about 20 minutes in addition to the massage.


60 minutes
The best time to do this reading is just about anytime, or you can plan to do it in December or January to see what the year ahead may hold for you! This reading is 12 cards, one for each month and an oracle card. You can look for it to be in regards to a particular area of your life, or as a general view!



15-20 minutes
This 5 card reading can sure pack a punch! This reading includes 5 cards plus an oracle card, and is a great start when you need some quick guidance. It's quick and to the point! It is also the jumping off point to the Celtic Cross Reading and time willing, we can pull more cards for an extra charge, and turn it into a more in depth reading


60 minutes
Is it your birthday or birthday month? This reading is always so special to see a reflection of your past year and to look at where you are now and headed! The amount of cards varies, but usually is 10-12 cards plus an oracle card. It's always special to get it on your birthday, but close to it is just as special! Your birthday is a magical occasion and can really make a reading that much more special when around the time of your birth!


45-60 minutes
We're all on our own journeys, and sometimes we may have a little bit of a plan in mind, but need some insight into how that journey may go based on what we've got packed already. This is the perfect reading for that! It can uncover a lot of information and will take some time to sort through, but will be worth it in the end!















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