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*Please let us know when booking if you or the person you are booking for
is pregnant.

Muscle Meltdown with Reanna & Lillian
90 Minutes of therapeutic bodywork and relaxation as hot  stones are used to warm muscle tissue, then silicone massage cups are applied. Both cupping and stones are alternated throughout the service with pressure and suction customized to client's preference. Perfect for those who need deeper therapeutic work, but will pleasantly surprised at how much more gentle and effective it is in application!

TherAHHpeutic Massage
Those in need of customized bodywork will appreciate this 75 or 90 minute treatment which will integrate a variety of clinical massage techniques and hot or cold therapy. 
75 minutes $90
90 minutes $110

A therapeutic massage utilizing many massage modalities designed to address specific areas of concern. Pressure is tailored to your preference and may include stretching and the use of hot or cold therapy to relieve tension.
30 min.  $45           
60 min.  $70            
90 min.  $105
120 min. $150

 A massage using smooth, heated basalt stones that absorb and retain heat to deeply sooth and relax tight muscles.
75 min.  $95                     
90 min.  $135

A sampling of our best services! Hot stones melt away tension while we tailor the pressure to your preference and top it off with therapeutic essential oils Great for those who are new to spa experiences or who want to put a little pep in their step!
60 min.  $85
90 min.   $120

A chocolate lover’s delight! Warm chocolate oils are used with a hot stones teaser. Sweet scents fill the air and chocolates are left in the room for you to indulge in after your treatment.             
 60 min.  $85

Couples/Friends massage
One of our most requested services at the Spahh  is our couples massage. Two people share a dual massage suite  and are massaged at the same time by two different therapists. A great experience for friends, lovers or family members who want to relax together!
30 min.  $95 per couple                           
60 min.  $145 per couple                        
90 min.  $215  per couple Tangerine Dreamsicle Spa Treatment

Tangerine Dreamsicle Spa Treatment
Indulge in a luscious one hour massage featuring our blend of  Tangerine and Vanilla essential oils in a base of pure coconut oil. Finish with a hot oil scalp treatment to create a decadent spa service. 
60 minutes $85
90 minutes $110

Cupping Therapy
Photo courtesy of Cupping uses a variety of silicone cups placed on the body wherever the client is experiencing pain or tension. The suction of the cups creates a negative pressure that separates connective tissues to create space, increase circulation and lymph flow, break up post-surgery adhesion and boost immune system. Cups can be stationary and left on the body for several minutes or used to massage with or combined. Suction can cause lingering red marks that might look like a bruise but are not painful, and tend to dissipate within a few hours to a few days.

Add on to most services for $15
Please note: Cupping is included in the time of your massage. For those who enjoy a longer massage, please consider 75 or 90-minute massage for maximum benefits.

See spa for questions regarding contraindications, addition to spa treatments, etc. 

Spahh Tranquility Massage
A total body, Swedish style massage with slow flowing, moderate to light pressure movements, relaxing music, our very own blend of Spahh Tranquility Essential oil blend of lavender and sweet orange oil, and a back scrub.  Focus on the feet and hot towel wraps encourage a deep sense of tranquility!
75 minutes $95
90 minutes $115

A therapeutic massage using medical grade essential oils to bring about specific changes in the body (energize, relax, allergy and pain relief, etc..)
30 min.  $50                                                             
60 min.  $75
90 min.  $110

Fire & Ice Massage
 In this 90 minute service and Icelandic oil blend is used to saturate the body with rich and powerful minerals.  We use alternating hot and cold stones to relax the muscles, ease tension, detoxify the body, speed up circulation and healing.  This service is the ultimate in relaxation and healing.

90min $130
**Please note because of the limited nature of the products used in these services, we cannot discount these services at this time. 
Also, there are only 2 therapists that are trained in this massage, so scheduling may be limited.**

The scalp, hands, and feet are massaged with warm aromatherapy oils. Pressure points are worked and hot towels are used to enhance this very relaxing experience. (Note: The oils are an excellent treatment for nourishing the body, however, you will leave with hair that is slightly oily).
30 min.  $45
Add this treatment on to any massage or facial service for only $30!!
*note that as an add-on, this service lasts 15min.

Olbas oil is a combination of Eucalyptus, Juniper, Spearmint, Wintergreen, and Cajeput to give immediate relief of muscle aches, pain, sinus and cold symptoms. Warm towels are used throughout the session and acupressure points are worked for maximum healing benefits.
60 min.  $75                           
90 min.  $110

MyoFascial Release (MFR)

MyoFascial Release (MFR) is a modality that utilizes pressure held for a length of time in order to release restrictions in the connective tissue known as fascia. The fascia is a tough connective tissue that is found everywhere in the body encasing the muscles, organs and other structures. Ideally, the fascia should move fluidly but when restrictions arise, it can cause the fascia to harden, creating pain and discomfort, posture changes and impeding movement.

*Please note that this is a clinical service and not a typical massage.  Loose fitting clothing such as shorts and a sports bra for women should be worn during this service.  This service is only given by Meredith Grimwood & Lillian Madson.

75 minute session $85
90 minute session $110

Moms-to-be deserved to be  pampered! Prenatal massage shares many of the same benefits and goals of regular massage -- to relax tense muscles and improve circulation and mobility.
30 min.  $45
45 min.  $55 
60 min.  $70

This is a treatment anyone can use, whether you suffer from chronic migraines and headaches or just want to relax!  This service starts with a massage for back, shoulders, and neck, using a combination of Olbas oil and our own blend of Migraine Therapy oils (eucalyptus, grapefruit and peppermint), hot stones, hot towels, and alternating cold stones (face only).  The scalp, face and neck muscles are given additional attention and the use of trigger point therapy and acupressure may be used to combat tension. 
45 min.  $60

A combination of oil and sugar is used to exfoliate your skin, leaving you smooth and glowing! A relaxing mini massage tops off this spa treatment, leaving you feeling brand new!
Approx. 45 min.  $55
ADD THIS TREATMENT on to any massage for only $40!!

This relaxing service is all about the connection between the body and soul, by giving those feet a little love. A good old fashioned foot massage with peppermint and lavender, hot towels and a combination of reflexology and acupressure encourage overall health and wellness.
30 minutes $40

Note: We've updated some of our spa policies and procedures. Please go to our spa policy page for more info and to ensure that you have an ahhsome spa experience!

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